BUSTING THE MALAY MAIL ONLINE’S MALICIOUS ISLAMOPHOBIC NEWS-REPORTING, In yet another attempt to paint the Malay-Muslims in Malaysia as being…

In yet another attempt to paint the Malay-Muslims in Malaysia as being supposedly intolerant extremists, the Malay Mail Online has maliciously framed its news report* today to insinuate that Ummu Shaikhah Stacy Anam has become victim to her own decision in converting to Islam.
In its news report entitled “Four months after embracing Islam, Sabahan singer gets flak for sharing Xmas Carol”, The Malay Mail Online has picked one isolated comment by an instagram user named @therealsnm, which allegedly “attacked” Stacy for uploading an instagram video-clip of Christmas Carol song.
“Isn’t Stacy Muslim? How can celebrate Christmas?” said Instagram user @therealsnm in Bahasa Malaysia.
The first thing I noticed when I read the news report was that it omitted to name the journalist who reported the news.
After noticing that, I proceeded to do some back-ground checking on the said instagram account that has been central to The Malay Mail Online’s reporting.
And guess what I found out?
This so called @therealsnm turned out to be a little girl.
I don’t really know her exact age, but based on her selfie photos (as attached to this posting) in her instagram account, she couldn’t be more than 13 years of age, perhaps even younger.
Yep, The Malay Mail Online cherry-picked an instagram comment by one naive little girl to paint Islam in Malaysia with a single negative brush.
You know what’s even more saddening than that?
That based on the irresponsible news-reporting, there are unsuspecting Muslims who jumped into the bandwagon to criticise Islam and Muslims and Malays in Malaysia with all sort of degrading name-calling. There was one who adjudged his verdict that this is “Talibanisme di malaysia,” while another call it “banyak sungguh pantang larang Melayu,” yet another criticised the “holier than thou people”, and another call it “Fikiran Kolot”. As if the news report was legit.
So guys, next time be sure to be very cautious when consuming news-reports from The Malay Mail Online. Because this is not the first time. Remember, just few months ago, their columnist Boo Su-Lyn odiously called for the abolition of shariah in Malaysia (the editorial later apologised on that particular issue).
When dealing with such kafir-harbi news portal, always presume that whatever they write about Islam and Muslims (or even Melayu) to be OUTRIGHT LIES, unless proven otherwise.
*The highly seditious newsreport could be read here: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/…/four-months-after-embra…

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54 Replies to “BUSTING THE MALAY MAIL ONLINE’S MALICIOUS ISLAMOPHOBIC NEWS-REPORTING, In yet another attempt to paint the Malay-Muslims in Malaysia as being…”

  1. Kalau ikut “About Us” Malay Mail Online:”It is led by managing editor Joan Lau and executive editor Leslie Lau who were most recently part of the team that managed The Malaysian Insider”.

  2. Mmg strategy keji depa dari dulu berselindung di sebalik nama Melayu. And that Actually betrays their own inferiority complex whereby they know that they can’t go anywhere without the Malays who are the majority and the highly tolerant natives of this country (but still getting flack from the ungrateful immigrants).

  3. Ala memang Malay Mail dan berita sampahnya tidak dapat dipisahkan. Desperado. Proven by numerous defamation suits filed against them in Court.

  4. Not as bad? Hehe.. this is bad bro.. share sumthing very bad from utusan if u dun mind sharing.. utusan is known to be one sided n gov’s voice.. but racist n critics other religion,i dun think so.. but pls,share with me

  5. Wouu they pick up a 13 year old girl stmnt and publish it blatantly…….good job stupid M . Mail!

  6. Sanjeev Raj. Do you mind sharing some extremist and racist news from utusan. It’s been a while since I last read one..

  7. Media massa tertentu di Malaysia mahu membentuk tanggapan negatif atau islamofobia tentang Islam dan umatnya seperti media massa antarabangsa lakukan sekarang.

  8. Well not to blame all to the media too especially they are Chinese. Medias are control by the government but how long can we keep it to ourselves. With all the issues at Kota Raya and Low Yat, soon it will be outburst too. So why not we take a moment to ponder ourselves: why do we need to fight with each other? Let the authority take its own actions. If this type of issues does not solved in the future there are even more major crisis about races.

  9. Stupid paper always like this….apasalahnya nk sambut perayaan seperti Krismas dll…cuma ritual agama yg bertentangan dgn agama islam x prlu follow..Islam itu mudah.Iman kne kuat,yg anti -Islam yg slalu timbulkn isu mlaga2kn kaum.Malay Mail harus diberi amaran.

  10. Pihak media mesti bertanggung jawab untuk menyiarkan berita secara adil, telus dan sensitif kepada rakyat. In this case, I always questioned the intention of Malaymail, Malaysiakini, TMI etc – most of which are meant to UNFAIRLY provoke, stir and shake keharmonian dan perpaduan sesama rakyat Malaysia under the disguise of freedom of speech?? Utusan despite its pro umno, i never seen attacking other religion directly or indirectly. So let us together BOYCOTT, DIVEST and SANCTION Malaymail, TMI, Malaysiakini etc!

  11. Go ahead and reveal the name of the article writer .. I would not be surprised if its Erna Mahyuni.. She is anti-islam since long ago

  12. Christmas is for SHARING of joy n happiness ! Stacy nyanyi je for her Christen friends n family. Lepas tu she is herself again. Itu pun nak bising ! We People in BORNEO share our celebrations – weddings funerals or religious festivals. That didn’t change who/what we are! 0ur mosques- Churches- temples etc still packed with devotees…We People in BORNEO practise RESPECT ! Cannot understand why you have to create feelings of animosity among yourself !Hah? !! Next we were asked bluntly : ‘Kuching is in Sabah, right?’Is there an Airport in Miri?’Do you have phone shop in Sarawak?’How often you come visit Malaysia?

  13. Dah kenapa libat Borneo and semenanjung..kiteorang sini ok je ..isu yg dimainkan oleh pihak yg tidak bertanggung jawab pon nak bising..xyah nak compare2 jgn menangguk di air yg keruh

  14. Zieqrie Hashim : Personally I comment in such a way because we are not pleased by way we from here being treated. Menangguk d air yg keruh you say? Stacey is from East Malaysia ok.!There are nice people from Semenanjung whom we have come love n respect BUT those who unfairly degrade us..we will still tell them off !! Astaghafirllahal adzim……..Xem thêm

  15. ….”When dealing with such kafir-harbi news portal, always presume that whatever they write about Islam and Muslims (or even Melayu) to be OUTRIGHT LIES, unless proven otherwise..” In particular the main st ream media are now universally recognised as mere public relations officers doing the bidding of their ‘masters’ for indoctrination n brainwashing of the masses…

  16. I’m the only Muslim in my family, I grew up with Christmas so when I converted, yes I’m going to like the Christmas songs I grew up with. My parents still get me gifts for Christmas because I’m their daughter, but does that mean I’m any less Muslim?People need to grow up, it’s sickening that our turn against us…

  17. The real saddening issue would be why would a 13 year old girl say that? Is intolerance what had been thought and brainwashed in to her innocent mind of a school child? Is it the school? Is it the parents? Is it the religious teacher? I think the writer should write an article about that rather then one ” so called islamophob” article being cherry picked. And please surf aroind on Malaysian social media, u will see many examples of this happening (please don’t ask me to post examples, don’t be lazy and do ur own checking) . Tq.

  18. We hve same in brunei right now..surprisingly a news portal from Slovenia quoting brunei too..n their writing n knowledge bout syariah totally poor yet talking bout Syariah in brunei…inside enemy creating more bad impression toward his majesty

  19. This is the right way to share MMO articles. If you put the links and people click on it, they get more hits. That is their intention

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